Player Info.






Practice Location:  Kendale Lakes Elementary School – 

Address:  8000 SW 142 Ave.


Rim Height:    8ft.  for players ages  5 – 12 yrs.



Practice Location:  Winston Park K-8 ctr. School

Address:  13200 SW 79 st.


Rim Height:   10ft.  for players ages  13 – 17 yrs.





Regulation Ball Size:     5 to 7 yrs        (27.5 oz)

                                        8 to 9 yrs        (28.5 oz)

                                        10 to 17 yrs    (29.5 oz)


* All games will be played and officiated according to National Federation High School Rules


Recommendations  &  Safety

  • Kids need to bring a basketball to all practices. NOTE: write your name on the ball

  • Mouth guards should be used at all times, especially for a player who wears braces

  • Basketball shoes are highly recommended to avoid sprained ankles

  • Sport goggles should be used in place of eyewear, to avoid injury or breakage

  • Jewelry, such as necklaces, watches, earrings or any type of metal cannot be worn at practices or games

  • Shooting sleeves and headbands are acceptable